To the girl who has fallen

Prayer was like the air I breathe
Worship was the realm I once operated in
The word was my food
Fasting became a habit, every week I fasted but then I fell.

I fell so deep
I fell and found it hard to rise back
I fell and it was hard to get back to where I was
It was hard to get the altar on fire again

I wanted to go back to the father.
I missed talking to him and hearing him talk to me
I missed eating my regular food – the word.
I missed operating in the realm of worship, where his presence was everything and everywhere.
I missed the climate of his presence.
I actually did but I found myself doing what I never wanted to do.

There was a hunger in my spirit to return back to the father, I struggled for days, weeks, months struggling to get back to him.

The bible looked like a boring novel to me, prayer and fasting was like a punishment. Fellowship with the brethren was really boring, I was never excited when I was going but I just decided to hang in.

Oh! Baby girl, when did you get to this stage in your life.

I tried praying again even if it was for a minute. Studying the word, just a chapter a day at least. I started talking baby steps all over again. I tried fasting even tho it’s from 6 to 12.

The devil kept fighting for my spirit and I can boldly say God was always fighting for me. I kept making those baby steps and I was growing. I was no longer a baby, our relationship was coming back gradually. I’m still growing & I’m now in love with prayer, fasting, study of the word and all spiritual exercise to keep my spirit in check again. I’m done with the things that took me away from the Father. Cause nothing can separate me from God’s love.

My dear sister, I don’t know how many times you might have fallen. I want you to know that Christ Love can never be separated from you. Not that sinful lifestyle, it can never separate you. The Father loves us even in our sinful state he does and his longing for us to come back to him.

So what’s the excuse you are making from returning back to the father, church attendance is not the same as having a father and child relationship. He wants to take good care of you.

Surrender to him today and watch your life shine on a different level. You don’t fall and stay there.

This post is for every girl and every boy, every man and every woman struggling with their walk with God or who once had a relationship with the Father that fell by the roadside or that person who has never had a walk with God and will love to go on a journey with him. THIS IS FOR YOU.

Let’s go on a journey to connect back to the father. You can contact (just click on contact or go to the contact page) me if you need help on this journey.


Love & Light

Yahweh Girl.

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